Is coaching for me?

Coaching is a useful resource to utilise towards achieving any goal you may have. The sessions can help identify solutions to any issues you may wish to address whilst promoting personal development and self reflection. It is an opportunity to enhance any skills to achieve your full potential. Sessions can facilitate adaptions in behaviour or changes that increase clarity and focus in bringing balance in all areas of your life.


Coaching is a beneficial and effective process to empower change in different aspects of life. The focus can be in one area specifically or across many areas to find balance. Essentially areas to consider include: Family and relationships, Education and career, Finances, Health, Recreation and  Personal development.

What is NLP coaching?

NLP ( Neuro-linguistic programming) coaching incorporates techniques to bring about positive changes in your life in many ways, in addition to conventional coaching models.

Why is coaching important for people in a healthcare setting?

Healthcare careers are caring, compassionate and people centred but are often demanding, busy and require resilience. Coaching enables self care and reflection as well as assistance in improving professional and personal performance.