I had been quite nervous returning to General Practice after a long maternity leave. Mehwish helped me adjust my thought process to enable me to realise that I had already taken steps to ensure my competence. This was a job I was good at, performed well in the past and there was no reason why I shouldn't continue to do so. Coaching significantly reduced the anxiety I had been feeling. I would definitely recommend it!

Dr. R.K

I found coaching had an extremely positive impact on achieving my goal. I was feeling very nervous about starting my new sessions in delivering Rebound therapy. With the help of coaching, I was able to formulate an appropriate action plan which alleviated my anxiety and I was able to deliver my session with confidence. I feel Mehwish was really easy to build a rapport with and she really assisted in changing my self doubt into a more confident mindset.



I found coaching really useful to prepare for my new post. I was feeling apprehensive but after the sessions, I gained so much more confidence. I had not considered coaching before but I am so glad for my sessions now and the benefit I felt. 

Dr. A.S

At a time when I was lacking confidence in pursuing interests outside work, I found coaching was a really useful tool for me to realise my strengths which enabled me to enjoy a better balance in my social life. I had been focusing so much effort into my work life that I neglected all the things I used to enjoy. However, I feel much more relaxed, confident and enthusiastic about my new hobbies. I have more time for fitness and for my overall well-being which is so vital.

Dr. F.A