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The Stethocoach Story

Mehwish Sharif is a qualified NLP practitioner and fully accredited Coach. She takes great pride in her role assisting and empowering people to achieve their goals. 

Being an NHS General Practitioner since 2011, she is very familiar with the obstacles and challenges many health professionals face.

A portfolio career has arisen from her curiosity in exploring choices for personal development. 

"We are all work in progress, working through transitions in various stages and areas of life as a continuous process. We are always trying to find the right work-life balance to achieve our equilibrium. However, if we start to accept work as an integral part of life and stop differentiating it from other areas, maybe we can begin to notice how much easier these transitions become. As we begin to understand ourselves better, we become much more empowered to seek areas of personal and professional growth through self-leadership. The first step is recognising that any change is possible and the second step, is taking actions to facilitate that change. Trust and rapport with a skilled coach could be the best investment in yourself, your team or your network.

  -Mehwish Sharif

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Mehwish Sharif will not be giving any medical advice as part of her coaching role and will direct you to see your own GP if required.

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